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My Intro (:(:(:(:

WALT:write an introduction for explanation writing

S.C: I will identify what I am explainingPlastic is a threat to our planet it is an environmental nightmare.Plastic does not biodegrade in fact they just photodegrade.Plastic ends up in all of our oceans,rivers,creeks and landfill becoming a extensive problem.We need to ban plastics because they affect animals. Countdown has already ban plastic and got fabric bags that are reusable.SO HOW CAN WE REDUCE THE IMPACT PLASTIC ON OUR PLANET?

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W.A.L.T: we are learning to write a nice comment to other people.

My holiday.

Rahina 15 o Whiringa-a-nuku-2018During the holidays the worst day of my life my cousin Tahu woke up on a nice beautiful day,birds are out flowers and even butterflies and then he went to go look at his  own reflection in the mirror and said mirror mirror on the wall who’s the baddest of them all and the mirror was like sure that’s what I thought. his eyes were closed and then he slightly opened them and I started laughing and I said it’s more like mirror mirror on the wall am I the baddest of them all “NOPE NOT TODAY” and then he chased me uptown like 4x then I had 5 dollars in my pocket and ran in the dairy and got me a water. After all that I ran back to the house  and locked all the doors and I ran in his room got call of duty disk out and started playing it then i just realized I was a loner so I just went in the car and was playing the music locked the doors and I had the keys so Tahu don’t come in and he came back to the house I ducked down and then he didn't even see me he just walked straight past.