Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Smart learners.

W.A.L.T Be savy about how we search for media online. success critrea we will acknowledge our success.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Recount Writing-Taking Flight

WALT: plan and write a draft based on TAKING FLIGHT Animation in first person.

Sequence of events:
prevent the events in time order you may want to comment  on the events as you write them.
Give your question about what has happened in the story.
I was so angry that my dad always drops me of. Every single time he drops me off
He just says goodbye and takes off  I really think that dad doesn't like me anymore he always says sorry buddy we can play tomorrow but no we don't even. after that I saw this photo of dad and papa. Papa saw me and said that was your dads waggon how about we take it for a spin and I said yup papa said keep your arms and legs in at all times we went in the jungle I was getting scared. Then we were soaking wet and the crocidile nearly ate us. Then we fell down the water fall the waggon turned into airplane. And after that the airplane turned into a spaceship and I said I really enjoyed my adventure. Later on we went back to grandads house then  dad turned up and said is is that my waggon. And then we went on another adventure

In conclusion after all of that I  think dad still likes tony but he was just too busy.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Who Loves Reading About Fishermens?

Walt: Ask  and Answer Questions about the book we are reading about