Monday, 20 February 2017

this is my writing.

What I can work on to improve my writing
Use interesting words. adjective
I will use a variety of  time words instead of then, then, then
To use question marks and put full stops in the writing

At Aunty Lucy’s House.
On Saturday. It was a hot sunny boiling  day I was excited to go to aunt Lucy’s house. When me and Ariana got there we had pizza It was delicious. It was as spiceie hot like chillie  after that Ariana went in the room and I went to have a water. Ariana said are you coming and I said yes. Then I went in the room I
played with the toys I played with the lego.
Then I went outside I played on the bike.  It was getting dark then I went In side. Then my aunt dropd us off at  home I felt happy me and Ariana said thank you I enjoyed staying at aunty Lucy’s house.