Monday, 28 November 2016

WALT use information to write information reports.

Here is my thinglink about giraffes.  I used the information from my report. 

WALT say action words in Te Reo Maori.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016


A tsunami is a huge large wave that destroys cities and kills thousands and thousands of people.
A tsunami is a large ocean wave usually caused by an underwater earthquake or a volcanic explosion. Tsunamis are giant waves caused by undersea earthquakes, landslides or volcanic eruptions.
Most tsunamis occur in the Pacific Ocean along with the Ring of fire and they can happen any where in any ocean. A tsunami causes lots of damage. They bust buildings, cars ,cities ,and  they  even  kill people..

Here is my weekend recount

         Ratu 1st November
          Going to Auckland.
On a lovely Friday my aunty and sister and cousin and I went to  Auckland. We stopped in Wellsford to have a break, a stretch and a toilet. After we did all that we got to have a delicious fluffy hot chocolate and a donut. The fluff was as hot as the sun and the doughnut was more golden than golden syrup. But I said, “There is so much sugar on this doughnut. Sugar is our enemy.” I started to laugh.
Then we  continue our travels to our destination.  
Finally we arrived at Auckland. It was starting to get dark and there were no stars in the sky.

But as we drove around the corner - BOOM! There were lots and lots of bright glittering lights. It was like God was guiding our way in Auckland.  Finally we arrived at our destination. It  was a long trip but I never fell asleep. Haaaaaaaaaaa!  “I feel tired.” I said to myself. When I stepped inside zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! I fell asleep. In my dream I said, “I had a lovely night with my aunty and my cousin.” and sister.