Sunday, 13 March 2016

I have been learning to put more interesting words in my story.

Wednesday 9 March 2016.
Ripper rugby Tournament.
It was a sunny day outside. I was excited to go to the Ripper rugby Tournament in Kaikohe with my friends. When I got to school I said to myself, “Did I pack some  water and food? Then I checked in my bag. I had food but not water. I told Mrs Paraha that I had no water. Mrs Paraha told Whaea Lisa that I had no water and then Lisa got me a water bottle from Whaea Hana.
When we got to the Kaikohe Rugby Fields I felt nervous because I thought it might be too hard to rip a tag.
It was fun playing Ripper rugby because I ripped a tag. It wasn’t hard. I just had to run really fast. I ripped 11 tags in one game. I felt proud of myself and delighted at the way I played.
It was a fantastic day at the Ripper Rugby tournament.
I enjoyed playing Ripper Rugby.