Thursday, 11 February 2016

This is my first published story for 2016. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Thursday  4th  February                                             
At the Pools.
On a nice sunny day my family and I  went to the pools
at Northland College.
First we packed some food for us to take there.
Next we got our swimming togs ready for us to have a swim in.
Then we hopped in the car.
When we got there I put on my togs. I ran and bombed off the side of the pool and the water went BOOM!
Then it splashed my brother. Then he jumped off too.
When he jumped in he told me the water was cold as ice.
Then I told him to duck his head under the water. He said ok.
Then Ariaana jumped in. I swam to the other side and then I swam back.
Then my mum said, Come on, let’s go home.

We had an awesome day.